My Background

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I went to Russell Sage College and graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and then began working towards my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. During that time I started to realize my passion for Massage Therapy. I had long enjoyed giving massage to my friends and loved ones. it was while I was receiving a massage that the massage therapist educated me on the ways the body can heal both emotionally and physically through experiencing relaxation within the treatments. This prompted me to discontinue my Master's degree and instead enroll in massage school so I too could provide this type of relief for others.

My Approach

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My approach to massage therapy is to better your life by helping your body. My goal is to enhance your well-being through decreased pain, increased range of motion, or simply recharging the mind and body through relaxation. I plan an approach that is individual to your body, and choose a technique  that will bring you the best results possible.
While I am proficient in a variety of massage modalities, I have excellent results working with people through Therapeutic Massage. Therapeutic Massage can be used to assist in the medical treatment of injury or illness. It helps reduce daily pain and stress, and revitalizes the body.
Getting massages regularly enhances health, provides relief from anxiety, reduces muscle tightness and tension, and brings balance to you through the mind-body connection.

This is essential for moving and living in a more pain free way.