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Licensed Massage Therapist

My approach to massage therapy is to better your life by helping your body experience less pain. I plan an approach that is individual to your body, and choose a technique that will bring you the best results possible.
My specialty is Therapeutic Massage. Therapeutic Massage combines various techniques to best aid the recovery of an injury or acute/chronic pain. It helps reduce daily pain and stress, and allows you to get back to your life without pain getting in the way so much.
I believe that getting massages regularly enhances health, provides relief from anxiety, reduces muscle tightness and tension, can prevent muscle strain or knots, and brings balance to you through an improved mind-body connection.

This is essential for moving and living in a more pain free way.



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Licensed Massage Therapist

I have a compassionate approach to bodywork and strive to create a safe and inclusive environment to help clients reconnect to their bodies and facilitate inner healing.

My work is informed by the latest research in pain science and its applications to massage. Tailoring each session to my clients' goals, I apply different massage techniques to relax and re-educate the nervous system so that muscular tension and pain felt in the body can be released.

I love to introduce clients to Thai massage and often incorporate elements of it into other modalities



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Licensed Massage Therapist

The primary reason I am a massage therapist is to help people live happier, less stressful lives, allowing them to be a more positive presence in the world.

I love the anatomy and physiology side of why we feel the way we do. Along with my client's concerns I always consider every angle and modality within my knowledge to come up with a realistic, personalized plan to help them in the best way possible.

I believe strongly that there is a  ripple effect in every interaction we have as humans, in ways unknown to us we are all connected. Just as everything in our body is connected and unified.

It's my goal that I can make a positive impact on everyone I come across, one body at a time. 


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Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Esthetician

I became a massage therapist to help people in a hands on way. I really believe in wellness/ holistic healing, and the positive physiological effects of massage. I like to use different techniques in my massage. I learn best from receiving different modalities from other practitioners and incorporate that into my practice. I love using acupressure, compression, assisted stretching, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, forearm work, shiatsu, ashiatsu, and simple holds to still the body. I personally find the combination of deep tissue work and energy work to be very affective.

We are energy just as much as we are flesh and blood.

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