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Choose your pricing plan

  • Damage Control

    Every month
    For those of you that need a once a month tune up
    • This plan includes a single (1 hour) massage per month.
    • Best for someone that has minimal pain.
    • Helps prevent future aches, and promotes wellbeing.
    • $5 off of regular price for enrolling in monthly plan.
  • Road to Relaxation

    Every month
    Because once per month just won't cut it
    • Includes two (1 hour) massages per month.
    • For those that need more frequent pain reduction/relief.
    • Is a good "maintenance" plan.
    • $10 off of regular price for enrolling in monthly plan.
  • 3x The Charm

    Every month
    3 might be just the right fit for you
    • Includes three (1 hour) massages per month.
    • Helpful for those with more chronic pain.
    • Best for those with a specific area that needs work.
    • $15 off of regular price for 3 massages.
  • Fix yo' Self

    Every month
    If you really need fixing
    • Includes four (1 hour) massages per month.
    • Best for those with constant chronic pain, or conditions.
    • May help get to a place of maintenance, less frequent pain.
    • $25 off of regular price for 4 massages.
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